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20 May 2010 @ 05:38 pm
Kate Beckett Character Analysis  
Hello everyone! Well here it is, my Kate Beckett character analysis. This is just my personal opinion on her. Feel free to comment on your thoughts.
:) Sam

There are many layers to Kate Beckett; much like an onion that must be stripped down to get to the core, the same must be done for Kate. What shaped Kate into the woman she is today? What would she have done differently in her life if her mother were still alive? How does her drive for justice and the truth control her own life? These are just a few of the many questions that one can ask about this amazing, tough-as-nails New York City Police Detective. Also too, Nikki Heat; what is real and what is fiction? The relationships she has had and formed with others and the many life and death decisions made influenced the woman Kate Beckett has become. By delving into her inner workings, one will see what makes her tick.

Little is known about Kate Beckett’s life before her mother’s death. What is known, however, is that she was a happy-go-lucky girl with a free spirit. She grew up in an affluent part of New York City and even attended a fairly popular preparatory school. This was brought out in the season one episode “Hedge Fund Homeboys” where she was able to relate to the students at that prep school on a more personal level. Having been to an upper class school, this means that Kate is a highly educated woman who undoubtedly even did a degree in college. Kate’s mother, Johanna, was a high profile prosecution lawyer. Money was no object for the Beckett family. Kate was around the age of 22-24 when her mother was stabbed to death by a professional hit man, although at the time it was thought it was a case of a random attack. It wasn’t until the episode “A Death in the Family” and “Sucker Punch” is the truth ever so slightly revealed. At the age she was at the time of her mother’s death, Kate had already grown up and was either finished or well onto her way to finishing college. Losing her mother at an age where she could understand and question everything would have made life more difficult than if she were a young child who had no real experience in understanding death. By looking into where Kate’s life ended up after her mother’s death, it can be seen that the fight for truth was Kate Beckett’s main goal. The only way to find that truth, though, was to become a police officer. This occurred after a massive funk where her father became an alcoholic and she nearly lost herself. The only way to climb back into any sort of resemblance of the life she led before was through therapy and the printed page. The Richard Castle novels, and the man himself, picked her up enough to get moving to make changes in her life. Through her therapy and the books, Kate was able to move on and come out of her depression a new, but somewhat broken woman. Kate’s life was going well, or so she thought, until the man on her bookshelves came into her life; and Richard Castle was going to make sure he left a mark.

Two words; Nikki Heat. Richard Castle decided that after working one case along side Beckett, a case that included what looked like to be copy-cat killers from his books, he was going to base the new heroine of his next series on Kate. (Pilot episode “Flowers for your Grave”) And so started the fairly tumultuous relationship between the mystery writer and the detective. Castle knew how to push Beckett’s buttons and Beckett knew how to handle Castle’s sugar rush. It was a perfect balance of Yin and Yang between the two. Working tirelessly as a team to solve murders while Castle did digging of his own to unravel the mystery that is Kate Beckett. He genuinely wanted to know what made this extraordinary woman tick; he did this by opening up her mother’s case, a case that Kate had long put away (“A Death in the Family”). Nikki Heat was just an excuse to get to know Beckett on a more personal level, citing research if he ever dug too deep. What was real, though, was that as a police officer, there were few that could compete on the same level as Kate Beckett, same too with Nikki Heat. They are strong believers in justice and would stop at nothing to reveal the truth. The culprits never stood a chance in going up against either of them.

The case concerning Kate’s mother has always been a touchy subject for her. It was a case that she could ever crack, and therefore it went cold. In the season one finale, “A Death in the Family,” Beckett told Castle that if he ever so much as touched the case, their ‘partnership’ would be over. Castle, however, couldn’t let it go and he along with the help of Dr Clark Murray, were the ones who worked it out that it was a professional hit. By going behind Beckett’s back, Castle reopened wounds that Kate wasn’t ready to deal with at that stage, especially since she didn’t really know Castle properly, or his intentions towards her and their ‘relationship’. The walls that were surrounding her emotions and private life that were slowly coming down were erected back up double time. Kate didn’t like to let anyone in, especially if it was a man.

It was revealed in the season two episode “Food to Die for,” that Kate had a pretty wild past. This was only leaked because Kate’s best friend from high school, Maddison, who was a suspect in the murder of the head chef at her new restaurant. Over her teenage and young adult years, Kate had numerous flings with “...a guitarist in a grunge band, a med student, and this French guy that I’m pretty sure he was some kind of royalty.” It may have seemed if Kate settled down when she started dating Will Sorrenson, a FBI agent specialising in kidnapping cases. He made a reappearance in the season one episodes “Little Girl Lost” and then again in “Death in the Family.” It is not really known why they broke up, but when Will transferred to Boston, Kate didn’t want to follow him. Since then Kate hasn’t had any real relationships. She had one ‘date’ with Mr July of the New York Fireman Calendar of 2008 in the episode “The Third Man” but she ended up spending it on the phone or building theory about the case with Castle who just so happened to be in the same restaurant with his date. The latest notable relationship was with Robbery Detective, Tom Demming, whom she met while training in the precinct gym, in the episode “Den of Thieves.” Things with Tom seemed to be going along fine when both Castle, in the episode “A Deadly Game” invited her along to his place in the Hamptons for the Memorial Day long weekend, unbeknownst to him that Demming had put in a competing offer earlier. With Castle on the brink of leaving for good and a few helpful hints from Detective Javier Esposito and Captain Roy Montgomery, Beckett broke up with Demming and went to confront Castle about her feelings for him. Both being the products of bad timing, Castle had just gotten back together with his second ex-wife, Gina. Now that Kate had come to the realisation about Rick Castle, nothing is known as to how it will all pan out when the characters come back in September. What is known, however, Kate is still looking for somewhere to live after the events that led up to the blowing up of her apartment in the episodes “Tick, Tick, Tick” and “Boom.”


Much can be learnt about Kate as a person by looking at her apartment. The living room alone is full of eclectic furniture that gives the area a homey feel. Her furniture is a mixture of old and new things, it has wide open spaces that are lit mainly by lamps. This gives it the feel of being a comfortable place to come home to. Her books are behind glass in the main viewing area, showing that these are some of the possessions that she values the most. Tucked away in a corner and under a window is a large arm chair, obviously designed so that Kate has somewhere to sit when she is reading. In an interview with Alfred Sole, the Production Designer he states that, “there is nothing matching in her (Beckett’s) apartment. There’s never a pair of anything…this gave her a sense of history of who she was.” Scattered throughout the apartment were travel photos of Italy and France as well as books on travel, really old family photos and art pieces. Kate’s apartment was designed to show who she really was, again Alfred Sole goes on to say;

“She’s the kind of person who protects her privacy and goes out in the world soaking it up. She wants to be left alone, because her job is pretty intense, and she just wanders. One of the things I like about Beckett is she’s her own best friend.”

The kitchen is also a place where it can be seen what kind of person Kate really is; the Froot Loops in the cupboard show that she has a sort of child-like innocence to her, but in saying that, on the shelf there is a cocktail shaker with the wine glasses and coffee cups are in easy reach. These things reveal that when at home, Kate likes to relax and unwind from her day of dealing with murder. It seems too as if Kate is pretty settled into single life, as there is a small saucepan, a two-slice toaster and a singular coffee plunger and machine. This also shows that Kate doesn’t really socialise at her own place much, confirming what Alfred Sole said about her being wanted to be left alone in her own world. As was stated previously, Beckett is now looking for a new place to live after a crazed serial killer blew up her apartment, according to the creator, Andrew Marlowe, he says in the audio commentary for “A Deadly Game;”

“Beckett's currently living in a sublet while she tries to find a new place to live. Her old apartment was rent controlled and she's been trying to find something in the city that she can afford. She'd like to stay in the East Village, but may have to move out of Manhattan to one of the boroughs because rents are too high.”

Once again this shows Beckett’s independence, she has numerous friends that she can call on for help with finding somewhere to live within her price range and area, but she chooses to do it alone. The monetary issue could be easily remedied if she asked for help; she does work with a New York Time best selling novelist. Again Kate’s need for autonomy dictated that she work it all out for herself, despite the fact that Castle offered for her to live with him and his daughter and mother.

To conclude, as it is with normal people, Kate has a past that she tries to hide from. She lives in the here and now, filling her life with the need to help others find the answers that for years she was never able to find for herself. It can be seen through her fleeting relationships and how she lives her life that Kate likes to be in her own company. She only has a few good friends that she can trust implicitly, and those people are the people she works with. Kate Beckett is a complex character that can only be revealed to the audience slowly. Too much too soon would be detrimental to her character development. The layers need to be peeled away as much as her emotional barriers need to be lowered to let people into her inner workings. By looking at her character as a whole, it can be seen that Kate Beckett is a passionate woman that believes in her heart that doing what she does, benefits her but also everyone else. This is the sign of a truly humble and generous person.

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sexual bassethoundbritishwannabe1 on May 20th, 2010 03:55 pm (UTC)

I particularly love your analysis of her apartment. One of my favorite things about this show is that you can tell a lot about the characters based on their surroundings. FABULOUS. You pointed out a lot of things I had never thought of.

stanafantasticstanafantastic on May 22nd, 2010 12:03 am (UTC)
Thank you...I'm actually quite pleased with how it turned out. Seeing as it's been about 5 years since I have written an analytical expostion. I learnt that in my history lessons at school that you can learn so much from how a person lives so I decided to do that and I'm so happy it worked out.
Thanks again :)
beckettnypd on May 20th, 2010 07:00 pm (UTC)
Kate Beckett
What an amazing analysis of the extraordinary Kate Beckett. She gives so much of herself helping others that she rarely gives herself anytime to lay back and enjoy life.
stanafantasticstanafantastic on May 22nd, 2010 12:05 am (UTC)
Re: Kate Beckett
Thanks! Yes, I just wanted everyone to see how much Kate Beckett cares and what she has been through. She is just amazing.
:) sam
Abbeycastlebeckett96 on May 22nd, 2010 11:38 pm (UTC)
Oh I was so excited for you to post this. I love how you used episodes as inspriation for writing it. You never jumped around. You listed her past, relationships, personality, her home, and then her relationships again to end it. I loved this. Written very well!
I'm looking forward to Chapter 3 of Red as a Rose is She. When are you going to post it?
Very good! (: Thanks so much.
stanafantasticstanafantastic on May 24th, 2010 12:12 am (UTC)
Aw thanks. I loved writing this. There is just so much to Kate Beckett that people don't see unless you physically look indepth.

Chapter 3 is up. It's just chapter 4 that I need to get cracking with :) Sam
Jen: beckett_smilejy286 on May 27th, 2010 03:00 pm (UTC)
Wow, I haven't read a character analysis in AGES. This is fantastic! KB is awesome and you've captured her so well with this. Thanks so much for sharing this! Loved reading it! :D
Kayla Lynn Marie BrooksKayla Lynn Marie Brooks on July 18th, 2011 05:59 pm (UTC)
this is amazing but one thing that got me was i thought she was 14 or 16 when her mom was killed?
stanafantasticstanafantastic on July 19th, 2011 10:03 am (UTC)
No. Johanna died in 1999 and if Beckett were that young it would have meant she was born in 1984 instead of around 1979/80. And she'd be only 26 now.
Hope that clears it up.